Monday, April 25, 2011
Atlas is shrugging this tax day
As government continues to prosecute financial success, the economy is slowly stagnating, and entrepreneurship is disappearing.

What happens when the world’s entrepreneurs have had enough and call it quits? What happens when the wheels of the economy finally stop?

Fifty years ago, Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” dramatized such a world, becoming an instant classic with free marketeers and proponents of limited government.

Because the once-fictional events of “Atlas Shrugged” look alarmingly similar to today’s headlines, there is no better time for an Ayn Rand renaissance. Rand’s masterpiece has finally been adapted to film, and is now teaching a new generation of fans “Who is John Galt?”

Edwards Theater in Santa Maria is one of the first locations chosen to be play the film. Over the last week, local moviegoers have beeen witness to something virtually unseen in a major film in close to 40 years — a movie in which businessmen are the heroes, and not de facto villains.

If you haven’t seen it yet, this rarity alone may not be enough to send you running for your popcorn salt, but when you realize the impact such unabashed advocacy of conservative principles can have in the popular culture, and just how rarely this actually happens, you’ll be dragging your family by the earlobes to the nearest box office.

Many conservatives fail to understand the power popular culture plays in reflecting and shaping our national identity. Our culture is not found etched in marble or inked on parchment. It is projected on celluloid.

For a more than a century, Americans have crowded into dark rooms to watch our mythos flicker across the silver screen. In generations past, the stories told were reflections of our common values, like family, honor and responsibility.

But over the last four decades, that mythology has taken a dramatic lurch from a reflection of our values into a projection of nihilism, class warfare, shattered families and a belief that America, once the hope of the world, is now its greatest problem.

That vision of a fallen America is now the narrative absorbed by millions here and abroad. Thanks to films like “Platoon” and “Apocalypse Now,” entire generations have grown up believing the Vietnam War was waged by drug-addled sociopaths, angry for being stranded in a war in a country they didn’t belong in, by corrupt, stupid officers content to let young men be fed into an endless meat grinder.

Movies like “Che” promote a whitewashed Che Guevara, who is no longer the despotic egomaniacal Communist who butchered his way through Latin America. He’s now a simple egalitarian hero of the people to be put beside traditional American heroes like George Washington.

These themes are often as flimsy as the celluloid they are printed on, but instead of debunking these increasingly generic narratives from a caricaturish caste of elitist celebrities, we did the exact opposite. We threw up our arms in exasperation and surrendered. Now, without a choice, guess which side our children are listening to?

We’ve enjoyed some success in winning back the narrative from the left in recent years, but it cannot be won for long, if millions of young Americans are taught to hate those same institutions we are working to restore.

If we want a shot at saving our posterity, we must engage in the war for our culture again, and that means getting into that theater.

It’s not only about supporting conservative filmmakers, though they do deserve that. It’s about making sure our kids get to see our vision of America. I think you’ll find they’ll like it.

Robert Jeffers is with the Central Coast Freedom Rallies. For more info, contact freedomrallies@gmail.com

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