Friday, November 16, 2012
Communist Pilgrims and Thanksgiving in the Ghetto?
It is Thanksgiving.  Our traditions do not speak about giving thanks to government.  Our forefathers created a unique national tradition whereby we give thanks to God and we remember kindly the Native Americans who saved them from starvation.  Now for a little history lesson and modern day reality check.
Most people are not aware that the early pilgrims were socialists!  They crafted their community on the basis of share and share alike!  Well, as is the case in our modern day socialist experiments, the system failed.  It was hard to motivate the less inclined to work if they had a reasonable expectation to share in the bounty regardless of their contribution to the planting and harvest.  Likewise, the most industrious among them became naturally disinclined to work harder than the rest if there was no reward in doing so.  The community as a whole was starving to death as a result.
The solution was to carve up the lands and let each family fend for themselves.  The most industrious prospered and others became dependents of the community.  So, what has changed in 400 years?  Not much!
I find it incredulous that in ghettos across America, Barack Obama gained nearly 100% of the vote.  It is hard to believe for two reasons.  First, it is hard to believe these neighborhoods are completely devoid of any semblance of political diversity, and second, it is hard to believe these people think Barack Obama and the progressive elite are going to make a difference in their dismal lives.  Democrat President Johnson started the modern welfare program in the 1960's and the only thing that has been accomplished, despite spending trillions of dollars, is the destruction of the family unit, public education and job opportunities in the inner cities of America.
We can’t keep doing the same things year after year and expect different results, as that is the very definition of insanity.  It is no secret that the democrats actually work against the best interest of the inner city poor by the policies they promote and the wars they won’t fight with various special interest groups.
Democrats will not help inner city kids escape the failed public school system because they are beholden to teacher unions.  Private schools are more successful, cheaper, safer and staffed with better teachers than the average inner city public school.  The right to a good education is a basic civil right!
Democrats will not encourage abstention programs, as young girls having babies is the leading poverty indicator, preferring instead to promote abortions and welfare checks.  The cycle of kids being raised without a father must be broken.  It is one of the reasons gangs flourish in the inner city.
Democrats will not allow industrial jobs to be created in the inner cities due to their being beholden to environmental groups who are more concerned with overwrought air quality standards as this is more important to them than raising the living standards.  It is impossible to break the poverty cycle without jobs, and high tech jobs are the wrong fit in a community of dysfunctional illiterates where 60% of the kids don’t finish high school and can barely read or write.
Andy Caldwell is the Executive Director of COLAB, the host of the Andy Caldwell Show weekdays from 3-5 p.m. on AM1440 and AM1290 and a guest opinion columnist for the Santa Barbara News Press three times per week.  For more information, visit www.colabsbc.org
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