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It Makes A Difference!
It Makes A Difference!
Many pundits think Hillary Clinton will be the Democrat Party candidate for the 2014 presidential campaign and that she will very likely win. With that in mind, perhaps we can get a sense of what we might expect under the leadership of our first woman president.
When she was questioned by Congress on the events in Benghazi, she attempted to deflect the inquiry, saying, “What difference, at this point, does it make?” This is just another example of Hillary’s lack of judgment and defensiveness whenever she is confronted about her conduct.
It does make a difference, a big difference!
Actions have consequences, and just because time has passed since some transgression occurred only means that justice may be delayed, not that it should be treated as if it never happened.
Experience vs Judgment
One aspect of Ms. Clinton’s background that she has been stressing is her experience. However, the fact is, she has never run anything. No business or government agency, nor has she ever been the major of a city or governor of a state.
Her sole claim to fame in the leadership arena is that she spent eight years in the White House, as First Lady. In short, she has zero executive experience, none, nada.
Does helping one’s spouse qualify anyone to effectively carry out the duties and responsibilities of leading a major organization. For example, what’s the likelihood that the wife of the CEO of a major corporation, such as General Electric or General Motors or Microsoft, could gain enough experience through helping her husband run his company?
A November 2007 Wall Street Journal article, Judgment Trumps Experience, observed that two qualities in particular are essential for leadership: experience and judgment. After conducting a five-year study, the writers concluded that judgment is more important than experience. 
The article concluded with the observation: “Yes, Mrs. Clinton, experience is not without value. But judgment, fed by solid character, should determine the choice of our next president.”
Judgment and Character
Considering that good judgment, “fed by solid character,” is the most important quality for a leader, what do we know about Hillary’s character and judgment? The following examples should give us a pretty good idea.
Landing In Bosnia
Hillary Clinton lied when she claimed that she came under fire at the time she landed in Bosnia. This blatant lie was instantly refuted in a “Telegraph” article, which noted: “Hillary Clinton has conceded that she "did misspeak" about landing in Bosnia under sniper fire, blaming tiredness for a dramatic description that was shown to have been significantly exaggerated…The Democratic candidate is engaged in a frantic damage-limitation exercise amid widespread derision of her comments about a visit to Tuzla in 1996: ‘I remember landing under sniper fire," she said. "There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.’ News footage of the event however showed her claims to have been wide of the mark, and reporters who accompanied her stated that there was no sniper fire. Her account was ridiculed by ABC News as ‘like a scene from Saving Private Ryan’”.
Missing Billing Records
Hillary Clinton made history.  She became the only First Lady ever called to testify before a Grand Jury inquiry.” (Source: Wikipedia)Hillary Clinton’s Rose Law Firm’s “billing records, sought for two years by congressional investigators and the special prosecutor are found in the book room of the personal residence at the White House. Clinton says she has no idea how they got there…The mysterious appearance of the billing records, which had been the specific subject of various investigative subpoenas, sparked intense interest about how they surfaced and where they had been. Shortly after the discovery of the records,
Sandy Berger (former National Security Advisor)
“What does the Clinton campaign’s use of convicted and disgraced Sandy Berger as an advisor say about the judgment of someone who wants to be president of the United States?...This is a man who was charged and convicted of the unauthorized removal of classified material from the national archives, not someone with a sparkling resume of success…But the facts say he stuffed his clothes with classified material and left the building with it. He also destroyed at least one document that was linked to the Clinton White House’s record on terrorism, hid at a construction site and lied about having the material…If Berger had any shame, he would have removed himself as far as possible from the public eye. Had Clinton any scruples, she would not let Berger have any part of her campaign.” (Emphasis added). (Source: Anything To Win, IBDeditorials.com, October 8, 2007). 
Health Care
Of particular importance about Mrs. Clinton’s failed 1993-94 attempt to have the federal government take over what amounted to about 1/7th of the nation’s economy at the time is the fact that the entire process was conducted largely in secret, including the identities of those who participated in developing the plan, which permitted little or no direct input from the hospital industry or the medical profession.
The Clinton health care plan would have cost “a staggering $1.511 trillion over the first five years….$1.384 trillion to pay for Clinton’s mandatory health alliances…would have entailed a new payroll tax of between 14% and 17% on every working American…would have created 200 new regional health cooperatives run by 50,000 new bureaucrats…and nearly 1,000 new Federal responsibilities...” including “coercive new fines on U.S. citizens” and “fines and jail terms for physicians” for certain violations of the law. (Source: Carolyn’s Little World, gargaro.com/healthcare.html)
Sound familiar?
(NOTE: Not a very encouraging insight into Mrs. Clinton’s character and thinking as a potential president of the U.S. – HRS)
Campaign Donations
“…FEC records show she’s taken cash from Islamists so tainted that past Democrat candidates have returned their money…Some of the donors, in fact, are under active federal investigation for supporting terrorism, money laundering and tax fraud…But that hasn’t stopped Hillary from pocketing their money.” (Hillary’s Jihadist Donors, IBDeditorials.com, November 9, 2007).
Sealing Records
“Hillary claims it wasn’t her decision to have her records sealed, forgetting that her husband wrote a letter asking they be sealed until 2012. This is the woman whose Rose Law Firm records disappeared for two years until they mysteriously reappeared in the book room of the most secure building on the planet.” (Slick Hillary, IBDeditorials.com, November 1, 2007).
A $5,000 Bond for Every Baby Born in America
Another grand Clinton idea that was quickly abandoned because of the potential cost of this vote-buying scheme and which, when the details were analyzed, proved to be poorly thought out and impractical.
Energy Policy
“…government spending is clearly what Hillary’s White House job experience would translate into…Her energy policy…consists of a $50 billion alternative fuels fund and $20 billion worth of new ‘green vehicle bonds’ funding intensified gas mileage regulations.’” (SOURCE:Hillary’s Record, IBDeditorials.com, November 20, 2007).
National Security
“If a new policy paper she’s published in Foreign Affairs is any clue, she would simply follow the lead of her husband…Like Bill, Hillary would purse a hippie ‘denuclearization’ policy that ends testing of nuclear weapons in our stockpile, while slashing the budget for developing defense systems to protect the U.S. from incoming enemy ICBMs.” (The Lady and The Nuclear Dragon, IBDeditorials.com, October 29, 2007).
Being Picked On By Men
Dick Morris, in his November 5, 2007 blog, commented that “she (Hillary) is whining about the boys who share the presidential debate stage with her…She says they’re picking on her!...And she doesn’t like it. Her aides say it’s just because she’s a woman.” (dickmorris.com/blog/?p=191).
NOTE:What on earth does she think she will have to deal with as president? Most major powers around the world are led by men, especially those in the Middle East. Is she going to claim that they are also picking on her when she doesn’t like the way they talk to her? - HRS
Other Examples of Hillary’s Character
There are too many examples of Hillary Clinton’s failings to detail them all in full or even list here. But, a few that readily come to mind are:
Cattle Contract Investments: Turning a $1,000 cattle futures investment into almost $100,000 in ten months without any prior investment experience or know-how, Hillary claimed it was accomplished merely by following the recommendations of her financial advisor. However, with that capability, why didn’t’ she ever do it again? Why not make a million dollars, or five million, or ten million? Also, she initially claimed the money was a gift from her parents, until the Clintons’ 1978 and 1979 tax returns were made public and the actual source of her profits was exposed.
Travelgate: In 1993, shortly after her husband took office as president, seven longtime employees in the White House Travel Office were fired and the Director was investigated and ultimately prosecuted for embezzlement. He was cleared at trial and in 2000 the Independent Counsel stated that Hillary Clinton had made factually false statements during the investigation. 
Gifts: “The Clintons came under strong criticism after disclosing that they were taking with them $190,000 in gifts received over the past eight years.” Hillary, in particular, was criticized “for accepting a rash of presents just before she was sworn in as a senator and became covered by strict ethics rules that prohibit the receipt of any gift worth more the $50. (SOURCE: Washington Post, February 10, 2001)
Imaginary Conversations
Finally, have we forgotten that Hillary once claimed she had imaginary conversations with Eleanor Roosevelt? 
The only problem was that Mrs. Roosevelt had long since departed this earth at the time. 
I don’t know about you, but I’m not at all comfortable having someone in the White House who has “imaginary conversations” with the dead. (NOTE: Isn’t that what Mahmoud Ahdmadinejad claims – that he communicates with the 12th Imam? – HRS)
Hillary’s long track record of significant mistakes and weakness of character are very worrisome. Among other things, it reveals the sort of extreme hubris Americans don’t like to see in their leaders, although I must admit that the present Commander-in-Chief has the same “weakness”..
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