Thursday, June 30, 2011
We Get the Government We Deserve
To be called a “racist” in today’s America is akin to being a “Nazi” in WWII. It is not a trivial charge nor should it be trivialized by wanton use in political disagreements.
            Over the last week SLO County has witnessed a deplorable abuse of that term by our Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, Adam Hill. While Atascadero doesn’t vote for Hill directly, he represents all of us in his position of Chairman.
            Chairman Hill doesn’t like people to disagree with him or call him to account for actions with which his opponents disagree. He has used his position of authority to browbeat and intimidate citizens during public comment, threatening to “investigate IRS records” and demanding personal and usually private information. .He called his opponents “racists…hatemongers” for the crime of political opposition. His “non-apology” was insincere. He attempted to misdirect public attention to alleged Republican misdeeds versus accepting responsibility for his own words. Hill is a Democrat Party activist and his party has a 150 year history of official racial segregation. It was under President Wilson (1912-1920) that the military and federal civil service were re-segregated and the most racist film in America, “Birth of a Nation”, screened and celebrated in the White House. I normally don’t agree with the concept of collective guilt, believing that people are personally, not corporately responsible for their actions, but liberal progressives routinely advocate collective guilt, so I’ll let them wear the mantle.
            Sadly, most people of the world live under tyranny with “individual rights” consisting of the whim of local police to beat you or not, depending upon their mood and your position in society. In America, our Bill of Rights confers “unalienable rights”, meaning they are given to us by God, whom we acknowledged as a nation when we ratified our constitution in 1787-89. Those rights are not granted by men or any government, which is why no government can take those rights from us without our consent. However fashionable it may be for our “intelligentsia” to mock the concept of “God-given inalienable rights”, respect for that concept has made America the most free nation in history and a beacon of hope to millions who immigrated here in search of a better life where, before the law, every man was every other man’s equal. Politicians who forget our heritage and their place as servants of the people, like Hill, are petty tyrants in training and should be harshly curbed when out of line.
            It is incumbent upon people of conscience to speak out against abuse of political power. If elected officials and members of the public excuse or give Hill a pass, we get the government we deserve.

Al Fonzi, Article for June 29, 2011
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